Why Cork and Click?

Cork and Click is all about teaching photography in an easy to understand, low stress environment. Photography should meant to be fun! We recommend pairing our classes with a glass of your favorite wine!
  • Photography Instructor

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    I wanted to raise my hand and say, "Sorry, can we just go back a bit? What exactly is 'aperture'?" but I felt so intimidated in this photography class, by the terms of photography and by my new camera that I sat there and didn’t ask the question. Signing up for a photography class had seemed like a good idea but left me more confused and intimidated that before! But I didn’t want to give up! I had been able to capture some good images by accident. I knew I wanted more. I started taking my camera with me everywhere and teaching myself what all those buttons and dials were, how to control my camera and get the shot I envisioned. I teach photography the way I wish I could have learned. If you have felt frustrated by your camera, intimidated when you start hearing the terms of photography, feel like you have to know math to understand how to take a photo or just want to have a better understanding of photography, Cork and Click is the place for you to learn how to capture what you love! Let’s get started!

    Christiana Childers

    Photography Instructor

    Christiana Childers