• Do you want to get great action shots of your kids?

  • Do you wonder how to get those cool blurry backgrounds?

  • Do you leave your camera on it's Auto setting but know it can to so much more?

  • Do you want to capture and SAVOR your beautiful life and the ones you share it with?

Then This Course is For You!

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In This Course You'll Learn...

  • Camera Basics

    We know that all those buttons and dials can be overwhelming. We will walk you through in a user-friendly way on how, what and why you might want to know how to change your camera settings.

  • Exercises

    Most of us learn by doing! That is why we ask you to pause the video and practice these photography techniques to get you up to speed as quickly as possible! We'll be with you the whole way!

  • Bonus material

    In addition, we provide a printable and downloadable workbook to further solidify your understanding of your camera that you can take with you on the go!

Let us help you if...

  • You are your family's historian!

  • You need to understand your camera as quickly as possible!

  • You want to fill your house with amazing photos of your family!

  • And your pets are pretty cute too...


“This basic photography class was amazing! The information was presented in a fun and practical way with time to practice between different concepts. I left with an understanding of how our cameras work and how simple it can be to take great photos. We will definitely be trying other Cork and Click classes!!”

Kimberly H

“This class was so informative, but also incredibly fun and relaxing. Christiana is a warm, gifted teacher who takes the stress out of learning all the complicated features and terminology of the camera. ”

Michelle E

“The best photography class I've ever taken! I have taken several photography classes throughout the years, both for film and digital cameras, and Christiana does one of the best jobs at explaining the basics of manual photography. I would recommend this class to both beginning photographers and those, like me, who have a little manual photography experience, but need someone to help clarify some of the basic concepts of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.”

Jennifer C

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to Basic Photography!
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  • 02
    Camera Set Up
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  • 03
    Show Content
    • Intro to Aperture
    • Aperture Practice
    • Aperture Conclusion
  • 04
    Shutter Speed
    Show Content
    • Shutter Speed Intro
    • Shutter Speed Practice
    • Test your learning
    • Shutter Speed Conclusion
  • 05
    Show Content
    • ISO
  • 06
    Camera Meter and Manual Mode
    Show Content
    • Metering Intro
    • Metering Practice
    • Shooting in Manual Mode Intro
    • Manual Set-up Nikon
    • Manual Set-up Canon
    • Manual Mode Conclusion
  • 07
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    • Lenses
  • 08
    A few final tips!
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    • Get Out and Shoot!
    • More resources for you
  • Meet Christiana

    Instructor Bio:

    I wanted to raise my hand and say, "Sorry, can we just go back a bit? What exactly is 'aperture'?" but I felt so intimidated in this photography class, by the terms of photography and by my new camera that I sat there and didn’t ask the question. Signing up for a photography class had seemed like a good idea but left me more confused and intimidated that before! But I didn’t want to give up! I had been able to capture some good images by accident. I knew I wanted more. I started taking my camera with me everywhere and teaching myself what all those buttons and dials were, how to control my camera and get the shot I envisioned. I teach photography the way I wish I could have learned. If you have felt frustrated by your camera, intimidated when you start hearing the terms of photography, feel like you have to know math to understand how to take a photo or just want to have a better understanding of photography, Cork and Click is the place for you to learn how to capture what you love! Let’s get started!

    Christiana Childers

    Photography Instructor

    Christiana Childers


  • How long is this course?

    The length of all the videos is just over 100 minutes. We will ask you to pause and practice though so plan on spending about 2.5-3 hours total for this course.

  • What if I have a different camera than Nikon or Canon?

    We speak to Nikon and Canon users because we've found this is the represents the majority of the DSLR users that have come through our classes. However, we do address other cameras as well including Mirrorless cameras! Most cameras use the same or similar language so you'll have no trouble following along.

  • What other courses do you provide?

    We also have a Lightroom and Photoshop course. Bundle these two courses together for a jump start into the world of photography!