• Are your images often too dark, too light, hazy or just need help?

  • Have you ever wanted to learn how to take out something in the background?

  • Do you want your photography to stand out from all the images out there?

  • Do you want your friends to be wowed by your photography?

Then This Course is For You!

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In This Course You'll Learn...

  • Organize

    How to organize, sort and store images. Then, using Lightroom, import, rate and categorize your images.

  • Edit

    How to use sliders, presets and other tools to elevate your photography and Photoshop for special fixes...like how to "head swap"!

  • Share

    How to export and share your images. Be proud of what you've created with your camera and these programs!

Let us help you if...

  • You enjoy taking photos and want to elevate them!

  • You want an organization plan for your photos!

  • You want your photos to be enjoyed for generations!

  • You have tried to use Lightroom but found it overwhelming!

Let's get those photos off your camera!

Let's get those photos off your camera!

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to Cork & Click's Editing Course!
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  • 02
    01 Getting Started
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  • 03
    02 Photo organization
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    • Photo Organization
    • LR workflow & shortcuts
  • 04
    03 Download images and Setup
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    • Catalog Setup
    • Practice Images
  • 05
    04 Library Module
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    • Library Module
  • 06
    05 Develop Module
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    • Develop Module Overview
  • 07
    06 Develop Module Tools
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    • Develop Module Tools
  • 08
    07 Photoshop
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    • Quick Photoshop Guide
  • 09
    08 Lightroom Exporting
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    • File Exporting
  • 10
    Thank you!
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    • Outro
  • Meet Christiana

    Instructor Bio:

    I wanted to raise my hand and say, "Sorry, can we just go back a bit? What exactly is 'aperture'?" but I felt so intimidated in this photography class, by the terms of photography and by my new camera that I sat there and didn’t ask the question. Signing up for a photography class had seemed like a good idea but left me more confused and intimidated that before! But I didn’t want to give up! I had been able to capture some good images by accident. I knew I wanted more. I started taking my camera with me everywhere and teaching myself what all those buttons and dials were, how to control my camera and get the shot I envisioned. I teach photography the way I wish I could have learned. If you have felt frustrated by your camera, intimidated when you start hearing the terms of photography, feel like you have to know math to understand how to take a photo or just want to have a better understanding of photography, Cork and Click is the place for you to learn how to capture what you love! Let’s get started!

    Christiana Childers

    Photography Instructor

    Christiana Childers


  • How long is Cork and Click's Editing Course?

    This course is a "go at your own pace" course. The total videos are just over 1 hour. You'll likely want to pause and practice, however, so allow a total of 3 hours for this course.

  • Do I download Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic?

    We will be teaching Lightroom Classic and will explain the difference between the two programs in our course.

  • To you teach to Mac or PC?

    We teach to both Mac and PC including short-cuts for both!

  • What other courses do you provide?

    We teach a Basic Photography Course. Bundle these two courses together to have a great understanding of both your camera and how to edit your images.